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ˇ°Jay's knowledge and customer support to myself and my team were absolutely superb. I have regularly recommended Jay and Quicksilver to anyone I find is in need of their special products and services, both of which are in a class by themselves.ˇ±

Ken Miller,  Senior Principal Software Engineer, Raytheon Company, June 9, 2012

"I've done a reasonable amount of shooting with the 5.56 x 45 mm Colt Commando fitted with the Quicksilver titanium suppressor and found the combo of the handy carbine and this suppressor excellent for use from within a vehicle."

S.W.A.T.  Magazine article "Tactical Use of Rifle Suppressors" by Leroy Thompson, Oct. 2009 issue.

"...I was very happy with your suppressor and it performed very well.   I was most impressed with the change in barrel weight with the Quicksilver suppressor. 

In my opinion Quicksilver produces an excellent product."


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The Army Evaluation Task Force has tested our QSM titanium .223 silencer against other major manufacturers and has found it superior in all respects! 

"This suppressor is the solution to reducing the risk of detection by suppressing the sound, as well as the muzzle flash of the weapon.  I would deploy this piece of equipment in a heartbeat." 

SFC Reagan OIF/OEF Combat Infantry VeteraN

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"Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the new silencer I purchased from your firm.  The quality is absolutely outstanding and it functions exactly as you stated it would. The entire process was made very easy by you with your knowledge and professional approach to the subject.  You now have a new client as well as a friend for life.  I recently forwarded a memo to my Chief of Police requesting a field review of this item for utilization by both members of our SWAT team and Patrol Rifle members.  Again, thanks for a great product and for the cordial, friendly approach you take in your business dealings.  They are both a rare commodity."

 Steve Findley, Detective Captain

Pocatello Police Dept.

(email compliment on file)

"I swallowed my pride to send you these pictures and story which testify to the durability of your suppressors. I was shooting the tried and true subsonic Trailboss load in my 16" bolt gun. I decided to try a shot through my 18" poly rifled AR-10. The action cycled and the shot seemed louder than I expected. Hmmm...something isn't right here. I was beginning to investigate when the dinner call sounded. Dinner took an hour and a rabbit hunt passed another hour or more. When I returned to the back deck I noticed a target that needed taken and grabbed the first rifle I saw. I let the bolt home and touched off a round without any thought to what took place hours earlier...not good. You can see the results on my new Noveske barrel with a donut of thread left in my suppressor which flew 20 yards down range which took some time to find in the sage brush. A chunk of barrel was found days later high above stabbed in my brother's gable vent. Nobody was hurt, including my QSM suppressor. I reverse tapped the donut remaining from the barrel and threaded it out. The suppressor threads were straight and true with only two small witness marks on the serialized face with no depth, just enough to remove a tiny amount of finish. The 20 yard toss and enough energy to obliterate a barrel and only 2 tiny witness marks. I would be happy to send you the can with a sack of shrapnel and return shipping so you can see for yourself. The first bullet luckily traveled about 2" past the gas port which allowed most the pressurized air between the two bullets to escape. I could have lost my brother or myself from this accident and I did loose a nice AR-10 barrel, but I did gain more faith in your cans. I look forward to getting the second one... "

(email statement on file)

This is a heads up to all of us who shoot subsonic loads and we're so grateful to our customer for allowing us to share his story.  We did bring this titanium suppressor back to the shop for a thorough internal inspection, which it passed. 

  "Never in writing have I endorsed a product publicly, but I feel your product is of such quality it truly deserves it.

I have used several of your suppressors for several years now, ranging from the QSM titanium .223 thru the latest .408 titanium suppressor I use on an extremely large caliber long range rifle.

Over the years I have used many other name brand suppressors. The quality of Quicksilver MFG is excellent.  I personally prefer the titanium material for the longevity and weight reduction.  Many customers focus on noise reduction only, I find QSM suppressors to be smaller, stronger than and as quiet as much larger and heavier designs from other manufacturers.  I have found accuracy to be my main requirement.  QSM suppressors are extremely light weight and utilize a strong, simple and repeatable single point mounting.  I believe this is why my rifles shoot far more accurately with QSM suppressors compared to others I have used.  

Keep up the great work!"

Jeff Huber

Vice President

Nightforce Optics, Inc

(email compliment on file)


"Quiet as an MP5SD, this 9.5 ounce M16 silencer is the lightest ever!"

Copy of Al Poulson's article in Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement, "QSMS .223 Suppressor", Jan. 2003 issue available by request.

"I am very impressed with Quicksilver Manufacturing suppressors and how tough they are.  I also mounted it on an M249 squad automatic weapon and was simply amazed with the results.  Thanks Quicksilver!"

CHAD S. HORTON, SGT. U.S. ARMY, BAQUBA, IRAQ  (written statement on file)

"It's really good to know your service and reputation is still as I remember it.  You were always top notch to deal with.  Never any surprises."

JERRY BELL, THE GUN ROOM, 27 November 2007 (email statement on file)

"..offers a compelling mix of performance characteristics. When used as a .22 rim fire suppressor, it delivers a most impressive 40 to 41 decibels of sound reduction...  I have evaluated AR15/M16 suppressors that were several times larger and heavier that weren't as quiet."

Copy of AL POULSON'S article in Small Arms Review, "Quicksilver Titanium Ultralight Silencers", Nov. 2004 issue available by request.

"The suppressors quality and appearance is most fitting for this package.  I can't say enough good about it.  I'm certain it will pass the test of time nicely.  I have another "can" for two of my 6.8 SPC calibers, but it doesn't even come close to the Quicksilver in quality and appearance.....
Thanks for your company's insight and innovation in the suppressor market."

JAMES AARNIO, MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (email statement on file)

Jim's custom SAKO pictured above