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Quicksilver Manufacturing LLC Custom Integral Silencers

We love designing new custom integral and custom caliber silencers for our customers.  With over a decade of experience working with law enforcement agencies, military, firearms manufacturers and individual customers, we're accustomed to working with a multitude of calibers.  Whether it's for a bolt action rifle that demands long distance accuracy, or a silencer that will handle full auto abuse, we're experienced.  Although most of our silencers are titanium alloy, we are experienced in designing both aluminum and stainless steel cans. 

Orders are taken as shop time permits.  We do not charge for initial consultation.   For new designs, we do request that our customers send their firearms for silencer development, testing and sound reduction readings. 

Click on photo to view larger version.

Steyr SSG 69 with integral titanium .308 silencer.

AR 15 with 16 inch bull barrel and integral titanium silencer.

We have designed both 12 and 20 gauge integral shotgun silencers for our customers.   These stainless steel silencers require a dedicated ported barrel, modified  to accept the silencer.   Due to the labor intensive process on each individual shotgun, these are not being offered for general sale.