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Quicksilver Manufacturing LLC .300 WinMag Silencer


  Our .300 WinMag silencer provides 1/2 MOA groups at 100 yards from both cold and warm bore.  No shift in zero between cold and warm bore, multiple shooters.  No change in windage!  Recoil reduction approximately 50%.

Our popular .308 titanium silencer worked on the .300 WinMag and suppressed it significantly, however the sound reduction was not enough for comfortable shooting.  This magnum suppressor, originally designed for the .408, makes the .300 WinMag sound like a suppressed .22 shooting high velocity ammo.  Our local competitive sniper said it was far more quiet than any silencers that he'd heard in national competition. 


Construction:  titanium alloy

Size:  12 inches x 1.9 inches

Weight:  43 ounces

Attachment:  5/8" x 24 tpi, 18 mm x 1 mm for Sako, custom threads available

Finish:  tan ceramic  #TITAN300-TC/black ceramic  #TITAN300-BC/bead blast #TITAN300-BB

Price:  $2100.00 retail

 Stock:  custom order

Contact us for military and law enforcement discount.

Custom coatings on both rifles by Rocky Mountain Firearm Finishing